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Alucat W25

The ALUCAT W25 has a double Engine, 180 cm ramp and over 3000 kg holding capacity.

High speed with great capacity.


Alucat W8

The ALUCAT W8 is a genuine multi-purpose boat with a catamaran hull designed for all user groups. The boat is made of durable aluminum and its features set it apart from regular V-bottom boats. The ALUCAT W8 is extremely stable, safe and economical. The planing threshold of the ALUCAT is next to nothing and it moves steadily even through waves. The ALUCAT allows large side loads and can carry substantial overall loads. ALUCAT boats are always equipped according to the customer's wishes. Alucat W8 is an accessible boat for people with challenged physical mobility, e.g. using a wheelchair.


Alucat W14


The ALUCAT W14 is practical, safe and durable multi-purpose boat with catamaran hull. These boats are ideal for use by professionals and public authorities and, indeed, they are widely used for these purposes every day. The boats have first-class running characteristics even with heavy loads and the deck areas may be easily adapted to suit the intended purpose.


Alucat W10


ALUCAT W10 – a catamaran for the extreme use. 

The stability and accessibility of the catamaran, due to the twin-hull, are the key features appreciated by the professionals. In particular, the fire and rescue personnel, people who need a boat at work, the fishing guides and the companies organizing tourism in water areas, see the potential of Alucat. 

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Alucat engineers are constantly developing new boats for customer's needs.