Alucat är med på båtmässorna genast från årets början 2022, välkommen!

Alucat on mukana venemessuilla heti alkuvuodesta 2022, tervetuloa!

Alucat will be at the boat exhibitions already in the beginning of 2022, welcome!

Alucat will be present at summer events in several cities. Follow us on Facebook for more info.

February 2022


Vene 20 Båt (11-20.02)

We will be at Vene 20 Båt. Come See us!



Summer 2022


Test driving 

Test drive at eriksbergboatshow 8-10.4  springnews in april

fb catamaranboats sweden have booked 10 different weekend. Follow &

Contact us in advance if you would like to test drive.

Leater in summer we are at floating boatfairs arround Sweden. We might dip down in yuor town.



March 2022


Allt för sjön (11-20.03)

We will be at Allt för sjönCome See us!



September & August 2022  Tryout weekend ? 23-25.9

Different  floating boat fair. Come see us!

Oslo, Göteborg, Västerbotten is on the list, but not ready wich.

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